WES Audio ngTubeEq
WES Audio ngTubeEq
WES Audio ngTubeEq
WES Audio ngTubeEq
WES Audio ngTubeEq
WES Audio ngTubeEq
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WES Audio ngTubeEq

Analog tube EQ with digital recall
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Tube EQ with digital recall and automation by WesAudio

For decades, tube equalizers have been cherished for their rich, musical sound, shaping the sonic character of countless classic recordings. Our ngTubeEQ elevates this legacy, offering a refined, analog experience seamlessly integrated into the modern digital workflow. With its lush tonal quality and intuitive digital control, the ngTubeEQ is set to become an indispensable tool in studios worldwide, continuing our tradition of blending vintage charm with contemporary functionality. Experience the best of both worlds – the soul of vintage sound and the ease of digital technology with ngTubeEQ.


ngTubeEQ is a fully analog tube equalizer with digital recall.

Purely analog equalizer boasting an impressive 26dBu headroom.
Features four fully passive, inductor-based bands spanning a frequency range of 22Hz to 28kHz.
Equipped with active low-pass and high-pass variable filters, which can be completely bypassed as needed.
Offers flexible control via DAW/Live plug-in for quick and effortless recall settings.
Dual output design, featuring both a Tube and Carnhill transformer with an IRON PAD, alongside an electronically balanced option.
Includes adjustable Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) control for tailored sound dynamics.
Choice of Proportional Q or Constant Q for versatile equalization shaping.
The equalizer's operational range can be set to either moderate (-5dB to 5dB) or extended (-15dB to 15dB) levels.

PSU works on 230V and 115V, currently set for 230V. EU power cord included.

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