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Studer 189MK2 Mixing Console. 13 Mic ch 2 group 16/8 frame

Vintage Swiss wonder of a mixing console, 16/8 frame
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format_quote We have a great sounding Studer 189 MK II 16/8 frame analogue mixing console from year 1969 for sale!

- The frame type fits 16 mono inputs, 2 stereo mic/line inputs, 8 groups and master (one set of stereo faders existing, not the modules itself).

- 13 MK2 channels are serviced & re-cappped fully working and has original transformers and no additional modifications done!
- 14th input channel cassette is also existing and is serviced, but fader cassette is missing. So with one more fader you´ll have 14 working input channels.
- 2 groups ("Stereo Mix") are installed out of 8. (Now fitted in Group 1-2) and they have fader modules. 
- 1 extra group-output module is there and its mono fader is missing (Group 3).
- There are 2 stereo fader modules ready, but no optional stereo input modules fitted.
- It has also tape remote control buttons, that would work nicely with A80 tape master recorder, etc. (Actually, we have one A80 soon ready for sale – contact us for additional information.

Service log:

1) Complete Re-cap. total of 560 capacitors.
We also replaced all the tantalum caps with Electrolytes.
Only used the best we could get. Panasonic and Nichicon, low ERS.
Audio grade components only.

2) VU meter background light was re-built. Initially it was heavily hacked and some strange stuff was used there.

We restored the factory wiring. But didnt install any bulbs. Instead used LED strip.

It takes 10 times less power. So it has less stress on the PSU. Original state is very easy to restore. Push in the bulbs and cut off the LED strip.

3) Various small and big issues fixed with the channels. Some examples:

*Bad relays
*Bad solder
*Bad wiring
*Noisy switches/pots.

Some issues that we decided to keep unfixed:

1) Routing Switch is broken in positions CH 1 and CH 12. They can be used, but you need to trick it in pushing also upper switch a bit and it then it locks. So they work, but they act out. Normally these switches stay in one position almost fixed, so it shouldn´t be a huge problem to use it.

2) 1 set of Stereo Mic input XLR sockets is included and on set is not at the back of the frame. No Stereo modules even exists in this particular console, so it´s more of cosmetic thing. They can possibly be found from the web.

3) PFL potentiometer is scratchy/noisy. To fix, it would have takes us too long time to get it out. It works when not turned.
The price of these consoles are varying quite much and seems, that these MK II models with the really important DOA´s (Discrete Operational Amplifier) are really hard to find.

We at Retsosonic Pro Audio think that this kind of console should be kept as original as possible without any “better sounding” modifications.
It is more on the users/owners decision to modify a classic console and continue with servicing according to their priorities and usage habits.

Crating and shipping can be done by us also and we can give a quote for shipping globally.

 Feel free to contact us for any additional information!

Shipping price is a rough estimate. 

We ship worldwide, please ask for a quote for shipping and crating.

We accept bank transfer and TransferWise transaction for this deal.

Ex VAT price applies if you have a company with a valid EU VAT number or if you're based outside of EU. Non-EU buyer pays the import duty and tax as regulated by their local customs. Private buyer in European Union will be subject to 20% VAT.

format_quote US parcels are shipped fully insured with DHLExpress and they usually arrive within 2-3 working days from pickup day zero.

EU parcels arrive within 4-6 working days and are shipped with DPD or ACE Logistics.

You are also most welcome to pick up your order from Retrosonic Pro Audio showroom, studio and warehouse in Tallinn, Estonia.

We ship worldwide! Contact us for a personal shipping quote or if you have any questions.

VAT (Value Added Tax) is deducted if you have a company with a valid EU VAT number or if you're based outside of EU. Non-EU buyer pays all and any import duty and tax as regulated by your local customs.

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