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SPL Transient Designer 4

The Original.
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format_quote The Transient Designer has created a new breed of dynamics processors that can shape the transient response of any audio signal.

Transient Designing
The Transient Designer revolutionizes dynamics processing by allowing level-independent (no threshold!) editing of envelopes for the first time.

Accelerate or slow down transients, lengthen or shorten decay times with just two controls (attack and sustain).

All time constants are automated in a musical way and optimize themselves adaptively according to the characteristics of the input signal.

Channels 1 & 2 as well as 3 & 4 can be linked for processing stereo signals. The respective left channel becomes the master.

The attack control can be used to boost or cut the attack phase of a signal by up to 15 dB.

A positive attack value increases the amplitude of the transient response. Negative attack values lead to an attenuation.

The Sustain control can be used to boost or cut the decay phase of a signal by up to 24 dB.

Positive sustain values extend the decay. Negative Sustain values shorten the decay.
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