Manley ELOP+ Stereo Limiter Compressor
Manley ELOP+ Stereo Limiter Compressor
Manley ELOP+ Stereo Limiter Compressor
Manley ELOP+ Stereo Limiter Compressor

Manley ELOP+ Stereo Limiter Compressor

Stereo electro-optical limiter
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The original Stereo ELOP®, or Electro Optical Limiter, was one of the first Manley products from the early 1990’s. With its through-hole printed circuit board construction and hours of tedious hand-looming, it sure looked like 1992 inside the chassis.

The unit was scrubbed for buildability, embracing modern production techniques. Importantly, the power supply was upgraded to Manley's proprietary universal voltage Switch Mode Power Supply, which lowered the noise level and made the unit a true world-traveler.

Also added was a 3:1 compression ratio feature which opens up the doors to greater versatility, especially for 2-buss applications. With careful reference to our sonic past, we have deployed our highest performance vacuum tube line amplifier and White Follower output stage in this new version, all housed in a build-efficient chassis behind a drop-dead gorgeous precision-CNC-milled faceplate - all proudly made in America, of course. The new Manley ELOP+ is everything you love about our legendary ELOP, plus!

10:1 Limiter and 3:1 Compressor ratios
All-tube audio path uses 5751 and 6922 dual triodes
Balanced Manley IRON® transformer-coupled XLR Inputs
XLR impedance-balanced outputs
BYPASS switches and AUTOMUTE with warm-up delay
Large illuminated VU meters read Gain Reduction or Output levels
Side-Chain High-Pass Filter
Standby Power Consumption: 0.5 Watts
Universal internal power supply operates worldwide 90-250V~AC 50/60Hz
ALL-TUBE audio path using a 5751 for gain, 6922 White Follower output tube (one each per channel)
Silent Conductive Plastic GAIN control.
Balanced MANLEY IRON Transformer coupled XLR input.
Input impedance: 14 kOhms
Maximum input level: +18dBu or 4.8V RMS @ 0.01% THD
Hi-current White Follower Impedance Balanced XLR output.
Output impedance=150 Ohms
Maximum Output with 100 kOhm load= +30dBu @.009%THD+N, BW 22Hz-22Khz, 1Khz sine
Maximum Output with 600 Ohm load= +20dBu @.015%THD+N, BW 22Hz-22Khz, 1Khz sine
Output Headroom (Referenced to +4dBu)= 26dB
Frequency Response= -0.15dB @ 10Hz, -0.1dB @ 20KHz
Total Harmonic Distortion (1kHz sine @ +4dBu, BW 22Hz-22kHz) = 0.004 % THD+N
Noise Floor Limiter Bypass= -90dBu (BW 22Hz-22kHz)
Noise Floor Limiter Engaged= -88dBu (BW 22Hz-22kHz) Input set to Unity gain
Dynamic Range= 118dB
Signal to Noise Ratio = 92dB (Referenced to +4dBu)
Bypass mode = Signal goes thru ALL-TUBE audio path (Bypasses limiter) this is not a “hardwire bypass”
Unity Gain= Set Input Attenuator @ 1:00 o’clock
Maximum Gain= 13 dB
Common-Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)= 77dB (BW 22Hz-22Khz, +4dBu, 1Khz sine)
Limiter Ratio= 10:1
Compressor Ratio= 3:1
Limiter: Attack= 15ms
Limiter Release= 200ms
Compressor: Attack= 75ms Release= 200ms
Attack/Release times measured under following conditions: 4dB of Gain Reduction, 1kHz sine, +4dbu Input level, to 63% of total.
Attack times are faster with higher input levels and heavier gain reduction. Typically for complete release, release times increases up to a couple of seconds, depending upon the amount of previous reduction.
Maximum Limiting (with +4dBu 1Khz sine)= 12dB
Maximum Compression (with +4dBu 1Khz sine)= 6dB
Side-Chain High Pass Filter= 80Hz (Internal user adjust jumper to 150Hz)
Automute warmup delay=30 seconds
Operating mains voltage= 90 to 254 VAC (internal universal power supply)
Mains voltage Frequency= 50-60 Hz
Power consumption= 26 Watts
Dimensions= (w,d,h) 19" x 7 x 3 1⁄2" (occupies 2u)
Unit weight= 9.5 Ib
Shipping weight= 10 Ib

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