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TUBE-TECH has been around for 40 years. And over the years, more than 15,000 Blue Units have been shipped from Lydkraft, Denmark. Lydcraft isthe company behind the blue TUBE-TECH gear. Lydkraft is Danish for Sound power.Lydkraft was founded in Denmark in1977 by John G.Petersen and two partners.The company originally served the PA market but turned away from this area of business in 1980 when John Petersen took over the company and focused his efforts towards the design, development and manufacturing of direct boxes, mixing desks and speaker systems.Due to decreasing sound quality from modern studio consoles, the demand for vintage high quality tube gear was increasing and John decided to start development of his own units in 1984. John’s fascination of classic high-quality analog sound made him start designing the TUBE-TECH line of all-tube signal processing equipment.The first tube-based unit bearing the Tube-Tech name was the Program Equalizer PE 1A that shipped in 1985.Source: TUBE-TECH

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