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Black Box Analog Design

Black Box Analog Design

While most things these days are made over seas in huge factories with the singular goal of maximizing profits by cutting corners and using the cheapest components, Black Box Analog Design does things differently.

In fact they take a different approach to most things. They are not interested in creating clones of old gear or building derivatives of popular gear. They are interested in creating gear that does something that hasn’t been done before, address a need they come across in the studio and take a new approach to a problem or design.

Black Box Analog Design team didn’t start out as gear designers. They come from the studio world and years ago in their quest to solve certain problems they came across lead them to begin tinkering with circuits of their own. Since they came from an audio engineering background and not a circuit design background they weren’t influenced by standard designs or restricted by thoughts of what they should do. Instead they allowed their ears to lead them in the right direction.

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