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Merging Anubis Pro Network converter up to 192 kHz.

High quality multi-functional audio tool
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format_quote A single product with multiple workflows. A Monitor controller that also controls your network. A Music recording hub that allows you to network a whole band or orchestra. A low latency mixer and processor with extraordinary audio quality. More features than you can believe and made in Switzerland.


From the initial recording through to the final master, there are specific “missions” that require precision and control. If your mission of the day is to create a great mix, you need to be in complete control of your monitoring: reference monitors, nearfields, headphones, sources, surround mix, downmix, etc. Anubis gives you that “Mission Control” in a single, compact device that has unrivalled capabilities defined by the software application. But this is only one mission, MERGING+ANUBIS allows the user to choose the Mission Controller app that fits the task. Today, Anubis offers a first mission – ANUBIS+MONITOR.

Monitor Mission

Control room, editing room, mastering room, location recording, opera house, OB vans: countless situations, one mission: Monitor!

NEW! Music Mission

Imagine having a powerful fully-featured low-latency mixer that you can take anywhere. Imagine touch control of all your I/O connections and all your mixer functions. Imagine feeding individual cue mixes to each band member. Imagine this being the front and back end of your favorite DAW. Imagine all this capability on stage with no DAW. Imagine this all happening with the quality of audio that you never dreamed possible, whatever the sample rate. Add your other Merging I/O units and see your system instantly expand into a monster whilst retaining full control from Anubis. This is what being on the ‘network’ really means. There is no need to dream; Music Mission can do this and so much more.


Anubis not only offers exceptional in-the-box features, it also allows for expanding its capabilities to any other RAVENNA/AES67 devices on the network. From stereo to 22.2 monitoring, from a four-piece rock band to a full symphony orchestra, Anubis puts you in control of any situation, from one meter from your equipment to kilometers away, directly from its superb touch screen or on your tablet or computer through its built-in web server.


IP in broadcast is the technology of now but there are standards to observe. Anubis has been designed from the outset to be ST2110 compliant, but some broadcasters are adhering to ST2022 (see Anubis SPS). No problem for Anubis. Merging’s experience in being a key part of IP Showcase events for years and being a member of AIMS Alliance, means we keep abreast of the developments in broadcast connectivity, discovery and control. Mission protected!


Anubis not only allows monitoring analog or digital inputs, it also allows directly monitoring any AES67/RAVENNA stream on your network. In a fast-moving industry toward network audio, Anubis is the perfect investment to monitor your traditional audio sources today and add network audio monitoring tomorrow… with the same ergonomics: no complicated sysadmin tools required, just point your stream in a coherent list and select it like any other sources.


This ultra-mobile and stylish unibody case offers astonishing A/D performance with a dynamic range of 139dB with equally impressive mic pres. Our pristine D/A technology ensures that you hear what your project deserves. Anubis come in two variants: Anubis Pro gives you exceptional performance up to 192kHz. If your mission is working in true high-resolution, Anubis Premium offers up to 384kHz and DXD plus DSD flavors up to 256. What else would you expect from Merging!


Merging has a reputation for getting it right when it comes to audio quality and we have years of experience. It would be surprising if Anubis was any less than the best we can achieve.


Mastering grade Preamp and Amp
Sampling rate up to 192kHz (Pro)
Sampling rate up to 384kHz/DXD (Premium only)
DSD support up to DSD256 (Premium only)
Direct Monitoring of DAW running on Windows, MacOS and Linux
Direct AES67/RAVENNA Sources monitoring
Cough Cut on every input
Fully parametric EQ-X on monitor outputs
All state of the art monitoring features (Bass management, Speaker alignment, Talkback, Down-mix, Crossfeed etc…)

Comprehensive user interface through the integrated multi-touch display
Dedicated buttons for Volume control, Monitors selection, Talkback and Mute with customization possibilities
Remote control capabilities through any tablet or web browser
DAW Mic/Pre remote support
Dedicated and configurable metering page for sources and monitors
Flexible Talkback options for built-in microphone and external microphones
Footswitch support for triggering actions
GPO to signal events
Can operate in standalone
Freely configurable Monitor types (Speakerset, Headphone and Cue) to fit all scenarios
12 band fully parametric EQ on monitors with independent control of filter types
Rotary knob for ergonomic volume controls and contextual operations
Display information and notifications about the Anubis status
Instant configuration presets save and load
Brightness control for display and buttons
Configurable Dim Max and Ref levels
Summing mode for sources monitor
Configurable bass management capabilities up to 22.2 surround format.
Speaker delay adjustment for each channel up to 200ms
Downmix to Mono, Stereo and all possible subset in case of immersive Speakerset
Source mono, stereo, surround and immersive format automatically downmixed to the Monitor format

o In-the-box monitoring with ultimate analogue specifications:

Up to 4 Monitors with EQ-X
Up to 4 Sources
Up to 4 Cues Mixes with ultra-low latency and EQ-X
Up to 2 Headphones with EQ-X
Built-in Dual Gain 32bit Preamp circuitry on all inputs
AD split feature on all inputs: Each one of the 4 Anubis input channels can be split and thus have its independent gain and cut feature
This allows the separation of the inputs between the FOH and the Monitoring engineer, as well useful if you want to perform a live stage line check while cutting the FOH feed.

Exceptional quality and very powerful Headphone Amp suitable for ultra-low to very high impedance headphones (near zero impedance output)
o Expandable I/O through Hapi or Horus:

Up to 8 Monitors capable of up to 22.2 (maximum 32 channels)
Up to 128 Sources capable of up to 22.2 (maximum 128 channels)
Up to 8 Cues
Up to 256 additional Analogue I/Os
Up to 256 additional MADI, AES3, SPDIF I/Os
Up to 256 additional AES67/RAVENNA
Up to 256 additional Pro Tools HD I/Os
o In-the-box I/O pairing management with Merging devices

o Any other AES67/RAVENNA devices pairing using ANEMAN


Freely configurable crossover filters on every speaker and LFE
Adjustable cut frequency from 20 Hz to 200 Hz
Adjustable cut off slope 12/24/36 up to 36 dB/ octave
Trim Level and time alignment Delay for every speaker and LFE
Time alignment / Lip sync delay up to 200ms
10 dB LFE boost function
2 LFE channels acting as stereo Sub channel
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