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Grace Design FELiX-BK 2-Channel Instrument & Mic Preamp / DI / EQ

Studio quality 2-channel instrument and microphone preamplifier, DI and EQ
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format_quote FELiX is a studio quality, 2 channel blending acoustic instrument and mic preamp, designed for working musicians, engineers, sound companies or venues looking for the highest quality solution for amplifying stringed instruments.

Brand new unit, unopened. PSU works on 100-240V, EU power cord included.

FELiX is built into a roadworthy (beer-resistant) floor unit chassis of anodized aluminum and steel, portable enough to leave the rack at home but bring studio quality to the stage. With the same stunning audio performance and legendary reliability as Grace Design’s pro audio range, FELiX brings open, musical and nuanced preamplification to any performance situation.

A powerful eq section allows simple and intuitive tone shaping for even the most unruly of instruments. Each channel’s variable high pass filter cuts 12dB per octave from 20Hz to 1kHz, and can also be set as a notch filter for chasing down problem feedback or rumble areas. Parametric mid range controls cover from 70Hz all the way to 8KHz. While fixed low and high controls are carefully voiced for musical shading of bass and treble.

Controls are simple and clearly marked on a bright panel, making them easy to read and tweak on a dark stage. Footswitch functions include a mute / tune switch for muting all outputs except the dedicated tuner out, a boost switch which activates a variable boost circuit, and finally, an A/B mode switch for when FELiX is in A/B mode (which simply toggles between the two different channels).

FELiX brings the kitchen sink approach to I/O. Inputs include a 48V XLR mic input and two instrument inputs. Two independent transformer isolated DI outputs can be sourced from either the mix or the individual channel. This allows you to send the front of house a mix or each channel independently. A dedicated, level controlled amplifier output can be sourced from the mix or channel 2. A dedicated tuner output stays active when all the other outputs are muted. A side panel mounted 1/8” mini jack headphone amplifier is there for practicing, private noodling during boring soundchecks, or scrutinizing dubious eq decisions. A TRS insert is included for adding effects, and finally, a remote footswitch jack is included if FELiX is going to spend his life in a rack or up off the floor.

Guitar, bass, fiddle, mandolin, cello, dare we say banjo, that weird 3 string gourd thing – FELiX is your instrument’s new best friend. Flexible, reliable, a good listener and eager to make you sound better, he is also your new best friend.
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You are also most welcome to pick up your order from Retrosonic Pro Audio showroom, studio and warehouse in Tallinn, Estonia.

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- Open, musical and detailed instrument and mic preamplification for discerning artists and engineers

- 2 channel audio path with blend output control

- m101 style transimpedance microphone preamplifier, no electrolytic capacitors in the signal path

- Ultra precision 0.5% thin  film resistors are used in the signal path

- Careful power supply design and grounding yield an ultra-quiet signal path and professional level headroom and line driving ability

- Fully ground isolated DI outputs with high quality, low distortion, fully shielded transformers

- Super rugged 1/4” connectors with heavy duty metal bushings

- Powerful, independent EQ on both channels – hi and low shelving and full parametric midrange

- Mid frequency control has two ranges 70-880Hz / 670 – 8kHz
20Hz-1kHz sweepable HPF on both channels, can also be set as notch filter

- A / B footswitch for multiple instrument configurations or soloing different pickups

- Mute/ tune footswitch mutes all outputs except dedicated tuner out

- Boost footswitch for variable 10dB level boost (global)

- DI outputs sources are configurable – Ch1 (mix or Ch1) Ch2 (mix or Ch2)

- Dedicated level controlled stage amp output (configurable as blend or Ch2)

- Dedicated tuner out, remains hot when unit is muted

- Side panel switches for 48V, phase, mid Hz range select, HPF/notch select, 12V and A/B mode select

- 12V mic input power available on Ch2

- Phase reverse switch for each channel

- 3 input impedance settings on each channel – Ch1 10K, 1MEG, 10MEG /

- Ch2 332K, 1MEG, 20MEG accommodating a wide range of pickup types

- Aux footswitch jack for accessing switch functions if FELiX is mounted in a rack tray or on top of an amp

- Mic stand flange mount screw holes holes for putting FELiX on a mic stand

- 1/8” headphone jack, active when FELiX is muted

- Global TRS effects insert jack

- Universal 100-240 AC power supply with standard IEC cable – no wall wart – take FELiX anywhere in the world!

- Full 5 year transferable warranty / built for long, happy life on the road

- Designed and built by family and friends in Lyons, CO, USA

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